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Crypto Idle Transport Tycoon!

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How to play:

  • How to connect airports?
    To connect two airports, simply drag your finger from the outbound airport to the destination airport on the map. As you drag the line, you’ll see an approximate cost for the route. When you get close to the destination airport, you’ll feel a haptic feedback on your device. This means that you’re about to connect the two airports. If you’re happy with the route and the cost, just release your finger near the destination airport to connect them. You’ll see a confirmation pop-up asking you to confirm the purchase of the route. If you change your mind, you can opt out of it.
  • How to upgrade airports?
    If you want to upgrade one of your airports, there are two ways to do it. First, you can click on the airport pin on the map and look for the “Upgrade” button. Alternatively, you can go to the upgrade screen by clicking on the arrow button in the footer. Here, you’ll see a list of all your airports, and you can quickly upgrade them without having to open each one up separately.
  • How to launch multiple aircrafts on one route?
    To see the list of routes you’re currently connected to, open up the airport window and click on the “ROUTES” tab at the bottom. When you connect two cities, you’ll only have one airplane moving back and forth on that route. But, if you want to add more planes to a route, it’s really easy! Just click on the “+” button in any blank cell next to the route you want to add a plane to. You can add up to a maximum of 5 airplanes on each route.
  • How to upgrade airplanes?
    To access your airport information, click on the airport you want to view. Then, look for the “ROUTES” tab at the bottom of the airport window. This will show you a list of all the routes you’re currently connected to. If you want to upgrade one of your planes to the next level, just tap on the airplane you want to upgrade. It’s super easy! Just keep in mind that level 10 is the highest level you can upgrade any plane to.
  • How to earn cash?
    The way you earn money in the game is by flying planes from one place to another. Every time a plane makes a trip from point A to point B, you’ll earn some cash based on how many passengers are on the plane. By default, you’ll get $1 for each passenger on the plane. So, the more passengers you can get on your planes, the more money you’ll make!
  • What are credits used for?
    Credits are a special currency that can help you do lots of things in the game! You can use credits to open up new countries, create new routes, buy new planes, upgrade your airports and planes, and more. Credits are a premium currency, which means they’re really valuable! You can also use credits to unlock special premium features that you can’t buy with regular cash. If you want to use QuickConnect, which is a super easy way to connect airports without having to draw lines on a map, you’ll need to have some credits. Each QuickConnect connection costs 2 credits. And if you want to become the mayor of a particular city (airport), you’ll also need to use credits.
  • What is Quick Connect?
    QuickConnect is a really easy and quick way to connect two airports without needing to draw lines on a map. To access QuickConnect, just click on the airport you want to connect to, and look for the “TOP DESTINATIONS” section at the top of the airport window. This will show you where passengers want to fly most. If there’s a city that isn’t already connected to your airport, you’ll see a QuickConnect icon next to it. Just click on that icon and your airports will be connected right away! QuickConnect is a special feature that makes playing the game easier, but it does cost Credits to use. Each connection costs 2 Credits.
  • What is a Flight Pass?
    FlightPass is a rewards system that lets you earn rewards as you progress through the game. You’ll always know what rewards to expect for reaching certain milestones, which makes it easy to track your progress. When you sign up for FlightPass, you’ll automatically get the Free pass, which gives you standard rewards for completing tasks. If you want even better rewards, you can opt in for the premium Business Pass. This gives you premium rewards for the same tasks, and you’ll also keep getting the Free rewards. The rewards you get with the Business pass are often 3 to 5 times higher in value than the Free rewards. If you only have the Free pass, you’ll only get Free rewards. But if you have the premium Business pass, you’ll get both Free and Business rewards. Together, they add up to 4-6 times the value of just the Free rewards. You can purchase the Business pass at any time for 15, 30, or 365 days.
  • How do I use the Bonus Wheel?
    To spin the Bonus Wheel, tap on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen and then press the Spin button. After watching a short 5-10 second ad, you’ll earn one of eight available rewards that are displayed on the wheel. For every 10 spins you make, you’ll earn a milestone reward, which you can track using the progress bar. Keep in mind that there’s a limit of 20 spins per day, and the clock resets every day at midnight. That means you can watch up to 20 ads each day to earn rewards.
  • How to invite friends?
    To invite friends to play, tap on the Profile icon in the footer of the screen. You’ll see your personal invite link, which you can share directly from the app or copy to your clipboard and paste anywhere you like. When someone clicks on your invite link and installs the game right after clicking, they’ll be attributed to you as a user who came through your invite link and become part of your network. To view the users you’ve invited, tap on the Shield icon in the footer. This will display your network of users who have joined the game through your invitation.
  • Can I change my profile name?
    Changing your public nickname is easy! Just open the Profile screen from the footer and tap on your name. This will bring up a keyboard where you can type in your desired nickname. Keep in mind that this nickname will be visible to other players in the game.
  • How can I get more Cash & Credits?
    There are several ways to get more Cash and Credits in the game. One way is to watch ads that appear as offers on the map screen or in the shop menu. Another way is to spin the Bonus Wheel or complete goals. You can also invite friends to join the game for free and receive rewards. If you want to purchase Credits directly, you can do so from the Shop page located in the bottom left section of the footer.
  • How do I become a mayor of the city?
    To become the mayor of a city, open the airport pop-up and tap on the “Become Mayor” button. Please note that this action requires spending credits, with a base cost of 10 credits. It’s important to keep in mind that the cost doubles every time a new mayor is elected.
  • How do I upgrade my level?
    To level up in the game, you need to earn revenue from your airplanes. The amount of revenue you need to earn increases as you progress to higher levels. To earn more revenue, you can open new routes, add more planes on them, upgrade your airports to increase passenger capacity, and upgrade your planes to fly faster and carry more passengers.
  • What are Hot Destination, Local, Global & Action events?
    Events in the game are random occurrences that simulate real-world events. Some events have positive effects, while others present challenges. There are four types of events: Hot Destination events increase passenger demand in surrounding cities; Local events are typical things that can happen, such as technical issues, bad weather, or political decisions that can lead to airports not operating for a certain amount of time; Global events are economic happenings that can influence the economy and prices; Action events require player action, such as handling penalties, fines, lawsuits, and customer complaints. It’s up to you to decide how to react to these events and manage the risks involved.

Crypto Rewards:

  • How do I earn Crypto Rewards?
    Play the game as much as you can, watch out for Bitcoin SATS popping up on the map screen and collect them. You can always withdraw those SATS to your ZEBEDEE wallet whenever you feel like doing that.
  • How do I collect Bitcoin Satoshis in the game?
    Whenever you see Bitcoins popping up on the map screen – just tap them to collect. If you have friends in your network make sure to visit your Team page (Shield icon in the footer) to collect rewards from your friends. You can withdraw SATS to your ZEBEDEE wallet.
  • How frequently Bitcoin SATS are generated?
    Bitcoin SATS are generated randomly on the map every couple of seconds or minutes depending on the Price of Bitcoin and other factors that factor into the Play-to-Earn model created by 3A.
  • How do I withdraw Bitcoin SATS from the game?
    You need to connect your ZEBEDEE gamertag to the in-game wallet to enable withdrawals to your ZEBEDEE wallet. If you don’t have a ZEBEDEE wallet yet, you can get one by following this link:
  • Is there an in-game Crypto Wallet?
    There is an in-game wallet that you can access by pressing the Bitcoin counter in the top right corner of the header.
  • How to earn more Crypto Rewards from the game?
    The best way is to upgrade airports and planes to maximise the random drop from the cities and invite friends over. Every friend gives you a boost and multiple progressive rewards.
  • Do I get any crypto for inviting friends?
    You get 30 SATS for every friend you invite. You also get a boost to the speed of SATS collection if you invite enough friends (up to 25 friends). You also get progressive rewards from your Friend Network. Each time your friends earn –> you earn the same amount of Bitcoin SATS.
  • Do I need to be connected to internet in order to receive Bitcoin SATS in the game?
    Yes, the feature only works if your are connected to the internet, since we need to make sure you are playing fairly.