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Users play, compete and earn. Developers rip the benefit of high engagement, retention and aspiration. 

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The one stop mobile and web based solution for developers to acquire, engage, retain and monetise users that play casual mobile games

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Our Services

For Game Developers

What we offer to game developers caters to every taste, every budget and every marketing goal

1. Mobile App Discovery

Reach new users like never before. Only the best quality users who are passionate and engaged.

2. Challenges & Engagement

Reach new users through a powerful set of different CPA campaign types. Set your custom goals and engage users to complete assignments  faster than everyone else.

3. LIVE Tournaments

Engage your existing users, get new ones, retarget the ones that have left. Participation ensures high engagement.

How it looks?


Take advantage of first party data provided by 3A to enable smart targeting inside and outside of your game


Find the right match!

System Overview

How it works?

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Create an account

Sign up!

Create a developer account to get access to the system. List the games you wish to integrate with the ecosystem



Add Unity SDK

Drop the Unity SDK to the project. Simple integration.


Configure server side events

Validation Rules & Protection

Configure basic events you believe are essential for your engagement and monetisation  and implement server side scripts in our system to validate events that will prevent cheaters from abusing your games

Event examples: level_completed, points_scored, chapter_passed etc


Prepare & Launch

Run Campaigns

The system offers a variety of different campaign types. You can control targeting, frequency, duration, budgets and goals.



REALTIME Analytics

The most detailed analytics insights available for you in the dashboard, as well as through a very powerful Reporting API. 

System Overview

How it works?


Build a unique experience for existing & new users

Take your game to the next level!

Use our technology and let us deal with the pain, while you enjoy the benefits. You take care of the SDK – we do the rest!

What was achieved

Our Milestones

Things we are proud of


Studios using our SDK


Live Tournaments


Featured Games


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What we do

Unifying the gaming landscape

Democratising the access to earning and monetising games for users and independent developers

Only the best content

Featured Games

Games our users love that have the best KPIs

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The Impact

Publishers see a 82% uplift in session time & usage

Very powerful!

We’ve been using this solution for the past year, and the impact on our player engagement metrics has been phenomenal. Our daily active users have increased by 40%, and session times have doubled. The tools provided are intuitive and have seamlessly integrated with our existing systems, making implementation a breeze. The analytics dashboard is a game-changer, offering deep insights that help us tailor our content to keep our players more engaged. Highly recommend for any developer looking to boost engagement!


Joseph L.Mabie


So much potential!

Since integrating this solution, our game has seen a significant uplift in player retention. The personalized engagement strategies and rewards system have made players feel valued, leading to a 30% increase in monthly retention rates. The support team is fantastic, always ready to assist with any queries or optimizations. This tool has truly transformed how we approach player retention.


Debra Campbell


Exceptional service

Our revenue has skyrocketed since we started using this solution. The monetization strategies are not only effective but also player-friendly, ensuring that our monetization efforts enhance the gaming experience rather than detract from it. The A/B testing feature has been invaluable, allowing us to refine our approach and maximize revenue. It’s a game-changer for any developer focused on sustainable monetization.


Sindy Rizzardini

UA Manager

Nice idea!

This solution has been a revelation for our development team. The comprehensive suite of tools for engagement, retention, and monetization has allowed us to create a more immersive and rewarding experience for our players. The feedback from our community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the new features and improvements. It’s clear that this tool is a must-have for developers serious about elevating their player experience.


Mark Balm

CEO & Co-founder

Great Service!

The level of support and expertise provided by the team behind this solution is unmatched. They’ve helped us every step of the way, from integration to optimization. Our game has seen improvements across all key performance indicators: engagement, retention, and revenue. The ease of use and the effectiveness of the strategies provided have made this tool an invaluable part of our development process. We’re excited to continue our partnership and see even greater results.


Joanne Ellis


Get early access to 3A ecosystem and take advantage of being first


Collaborate with 3A-Services

Beloved Industry Leader

We want developers to succeed, while users can benefit as well. Win-Win is in our DNA.

Frequently asked

What is the coverage of your service?

We operate Worldwide, but have the strongest presence in North-America, Europe and South-Amercia. 

How it works?

Users use the app where there is a lot of different events and games offered. Games that are offered on the CashClash website use the SDK to run those events. When an event starts users can enter games and start earning points. He/she who score more points by the end of the event – WIN!

Developers can choose to target specific regions, user preferences and demographics, suppression lists and other capabilities come with the package. Service is paid for after it was served. 

Yes, the service is legal. For developers this is simply a web-based promotion service, while for the users it is a SkillGaming platform. We do not allow users to place bets on games that they are not playing. Users can only participate in Casual eSports events and tournaments that they actively play in. If the play better than other, they win. No gambling involved. 

Do I need to pay for promotion?

Promotional services are paid. There is a standard pricing plan, but we can create a custom package and discuss pricing separately. 

Do you charge anything for events that I did not initiate?

For events that you did not initiate we do not charge you anything. Our platform is FREE of charge for anyone who wants to get some exposure and we charge only if you wish to get more exposure.

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